Packet Filtering Firewall


Is Internet security logging you off? Anti virus proving ineffective? Ever thought you might need a firewall? Pernicious viruses, malicious Trojans and the ever-present threat of hackers, fraudsters and all manner of shysters can make ardent internet users into non-users! Yet millions run the sort of security risks on their computers that they wouldn’t in their cars or homes. If you’re logging without a firewall, you’re a target. You might just as well call ‘open season’ on your bank balance. Don’t think staying narrow band can help you either! High-speed or dial-up – it makes little difference. But don’t despair – and don’t unhook your modem just yet.   




You’ve heard all the analogies; a firewall is a fortress, a shield; an Internet sentry overseeing your emails and Internet transactions to keep them secure. But how does a firewall work? The Internet handles, transmits and receives data in small chunks or ‘packets.’ Every email is composed of these packets and each packet is addressed with the sender’s address and intended destination. Based on this information routers operate like mail offices, sorting the data and sending it on its way. A packet filtering firewall operates like an ‘uber-router’ and subjects packets to predetermined tests to validate and verify their purpose. So a packet filtering firewall is part sentry, part packet bouncer: if the name’s not on the list: they’re not getting in. 


Packet filtering firewalls and inspection firewalls take up a massive 90% of the firewall market. They’re fast, easy on the hard drive and very effective. They keep the monsters at bay. Further, no firewall – no protection. It’s that simple. Don’t take a chance; get a firewall. Give hackers the permanent control-alt-delete!

Unified Threat Management


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